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John Pepper in New York!

In Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, ‘The Brain’s Way of Healing, Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity’, a chapter is devoted to the remarkable story of John Pepper, a gentleman from South Africa who succeeded in “walking off” his Parkinson’s disease. Mr. Pepper used conscious movement and high intensity, conscious walking to reverse his symptoms. Mr. Pepper will be sharing his discoveries and technique at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, on Tuesday August 23, from 7 pm to 9 pm.
This special public seminar may be of interest to anyone who is interested in, or effected by Parkinson’s disease, including family and caretakers.
Please help to spread the word!  This will be John Peppers only appearance in New York; space is limited!
John Pepper – Public Seminar
Tuesday August 23
Feldenkrais Institute of New York 
134 W26th St, 2nd Fl,  
(between 6th & 7th ave), New York
Single ticket $15  •   Double ticket $25   •   Practitioner $10 (or free with +1)
FGNA members will be offered free entry when purchasing an additional General Admission ticket.
‘The Brain’s Way of Healing’ features in-depth stories of remarkable individuals who have found ways around severe neurological conditions. The second chapter features John Pepper, a man who has found a unique way to bypass the movement problems caused by his Parkinson’s. Mr. Pepper addressed his Parkinsons symptoms so successfully, that some in the medical establishment doubted his honesty. Norman Doidge points out that Mr. Pepper’s accomplishment is real; medical science is on his side.
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